Residency Programme

The Sejahtera Residency Programs provide an opportunity for domestic and foreign researchers, artists and writers engaged in ESD, and culture and arts to stay in the Sejahtera Forest, to develop their own activities, and to realize the value of learning and sharing their knowledge and skills with visitors of the Sejahtera Forest.

Year Name Field Content
2015 Devising Performance Hoyingfung & Na Wai-shek
2016 Macau Point Artview Play Environmental Play, Woodman
2016 Lim Seung Hee Upcycling Transformation of Abalone Shell
2017 Aswati Hamzah ESD Study A Comparative Study on the Meaning of Sejahtera in RCE Tongyeong and RCE Penang
2017 Melissa Leung Play Environmental puppetry ‘A Girl Looking for Rain’
2017 Choi Sun Hee Upcycling A Good Playground Made of Upcycled Leftovers
2018 Choi Sun Hee Upcycling Cup/Fan Stands Made of Upcycled Wood and Tiles
2018 Kim Jae Hong Design Diagnosis on RCE Tongyeong Sejahtera Forest Promotion
2018 Barabom Photo Studio Photography Learning Trip Grandma's Graduation Photo
2018 Murataminki Arts Healing Time for Busy Modern People ‘2018 Art Camp’
2019 Park Min Woo Lecture Dinner Talk ‘Trip, Rest, Food’
2019 Choi Han Jin Arts Festival 1st Tongyeong Global Natural and Environmental Arts Festival
2019 Park Kyung Hwa Lecture Lecture for Youth ‘Gorilla Hates Cell Phones’
2019 Shim Yong Hwan Lecture Korea-Japan Relations from a Historical Perspective
2019 Tongyeong Youth Artist &Writers Association Art Festival 3rd Yipal Cheongchun Art Festival
  • 활동 사진

    A Girl Looking for Rain

  • 활동 사진

    Upcycling Experience

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Seo, Bo Myunge