Tongyeong City

Tongyeong, the world's eighth and Korea’s first RCE city, is a lifelong education and tourism region where anyone can learn anytime and anywhere based on many cultural and artistic assets throughout the city.

As a home to renowned Korean artists, such as Park Kyung-ri, Yoo Chi-hwan, Yun Isang, Kim Chun-su, and Jeon Hyuck-lim, Tongyeong is spreading sustainable development education through networks between private sectors, public sectors, industries, schools, international organizations, and global RCE cities.

Regional Cultural Heritage

  • City of Hansan Daechop, one of the world's four greatest naval battles
  • 300-year historic city of Navy Headquarters of Three Provinces

Art and Literature

  • Home to a large number of outstanding artists
  • Traditional village with the largest number of intangible cultural assets

Natural Environment

  • Marine tourist attraction with excellent scenery and warm climate
  • Beautiful natural scenery of Hallyeohaesang National Marine Park
  • Fresh seafood and plentiful food from 570 islands

Tourist Map of Tongyeong City