Tongyeong ESD international Forum

Tongyeong ESD International Forum has been annually held in Tongyeong since 2006 to build a cooperative relationship between ESD institutions for pushing forward with ‘ESD for 2030’ based on the Sejahtera center, a hub of the Asia-Pacific RCEs, and to explore ways for cooperation among various fields for spread of sustainable development education by sharing best ESD cases around the world.

Year Title Participant
2021 Citizenship Education for Healthy and Sustainable communitiesAround 120 people, co-hosted by the GNLC: Gdynia (Poland) as well as by the coordinating Larissa and Yeonsu.
2020 12th Tongyeong ESD International Forum ‘New normal era, ESD and Partnership in Korea’ Around 200 people, co-hosted by the Korean National Commission for UNESCO as untact webinar
2019 11th Tongyeong ESD International Forum ‘The Plastics Age, Finding Answers in Asia-Pacific and Education’ Around 150 people, including the Korean National Commission for UNESCO, the National Center for Environmental Education, the Resource Circulation Solidarity, and ESD experts from three foreign countries
2018 10th Tongyeong ESD International Forum ‘Relationship between RCE Cities and SDGs’ Around 150 experts from RCEs and ESD related institutions, teachers and students
2017 9th Tongyeong ESD International Forum ‘Sustainable World Making with Sejahtera Forest Around 80 domestic and international ESD experts and officials from 18 Asia-Pacific RCEs, 80 Tongyeong citizens
2016 8th Tongyeong ESD International Forum ‘How to do use Sejahtera Forest for All?’ Around 100 domestic and international ESD experts and officials from 11 Asia-Pacific RCEs
2015 7th Tongyeong ESD International Forum 'The Role of the Sejahtera Center as an Asia-Pacific Hub' Around 100 delegates from UNESCO headquarters, the United Nations Environment Programme, the Japanese Ministry of Environment and 17 RCEs
2013 5th Tongyeong ESD International Forum: “The Future We Dream for Our Region”
2012 7th Global RCE Conference 2012 & National Symposium “The future direction of ESD in Korea”?
2011 4th Tongyeong ESD International Forum: “Sustainable Future Built on Learning and Sharing”
2010 Tongyeong education foundation Launching Symposium
2008 3rd Tongyeong ESD International Forum: “Sustainable Production/Consumption for the Seashore area
2007 2nd Tongyeong ESD International Forum: “Introducing ESD in Korea and its Expansion”
2006 1st Tongyeong ESD International Forum: “ESD and the role of Tongyeong RCE”
Contact details:
Seo, Bo Myunge